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Every morning at 3 am the bakery cracks into life. Our team of skilled crafts people embark on a day of production of quality breads, rolls, cakes, pastries and pies. With many years experience between them and the high standards Clarks set we together produce delightful products that keep our customers coming back time and time again.

Over the past fifteen years we have seen a large shift in production as the everyday needs of our customers has changed, we have aspired to meet these needs incorporating the very best ingredients (locally sourced where possible) into our products and constantly developing new ideas.

We produce a wide range of breads from a standard white loaf to a mouth watering brie and bacon to a multi seeded granary loaf and fruited breads such as our Sally Lunn loaf. Rolls have become a very large portion of our business with the dawn of the sandwich age, we now produce a large selection of buns, baps and rolls for our many retail and wholesale customers.

Over the years the bakery has evolved from what was a house where the Clark Family lived to what is now a thriving production area, with space at a premium it amazes me how much is produced in one day from such a compact area.

As we look to the future we hope to extend the bakery to help us reach our full potential and guarantee the satisfaction of our many customers for years to come.

Long Street Bakery